Send us an email about your inquiry and Minor will pick up items up to 10 miles or an address to ship your items for review will be provided to you. (The seller will be responsible for shipping the items to Minor.)

•We will request photos of your items before we agree to pick up or send shipping label for confirmation.

•Any items that are passed on for our shop will be accepted for our Preloved Package Program.

•Make sure all of your items are laundered and clean.

•Check your items for any damage as it affects it's chances of being purchased.

•We will review all items in detail.

  • •We will price any items that we can purchase according to our pricing standards.

  • •We will communicate which items (if any) we can purchase.*

  • •If we are able to make a purchase, we will make an offer with both Cash price and a Consignment value for you to choose from.
  • •SELL items for 30% of resell value or CONSIGN items for 60% of resell value.
  • •If you accept the offer in the form of cash you will receive a Venmo or Paypal payment upon agreement.
  • •If you accept the offer in the form of consignment value, you will sign a consignment agreement contract.  Upon completion of agreement your items will be listed for a total of 180 days and after the 180 days and the items still have not sold, they will be returned to the seller at the sellers expense or donate to charity.
  • *Please note that we are not always able to purchase items even if they are great. We must only purchase items based on current inventory needs (seasons, sizes, styles, quality, etc) and current budgets.